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Staybia Hotels - The Best in Noida

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

The hotel industry is one of the best examples of globalization which creates a vast portion of the economy in world. After the advancement of technology and connectivity, the growth of the

hotel industry has taken a hike as more people travel to the world for exploring, relaxing, and spending good time with their loved ones. The hotel industry is an important part of the transportation industry, especially air transportation due to the low-cost air travel as compared to surface transportation in many regions. It became very easy to book a hotel from anywhere with just some clicks on your laptops and mobile phones.

Travel apps and websites have made it very easy for us to search, explore, compare, and book hotels from any corner of the world. The Indian hotel industry is the most promising and upcoming industry today. The tourism and hospitality industries are one of the largest service industries in India, which offers a large variety of hotels for all kinds of travelers from backpackers to wellness tourists or business travelers. As India is ranked 34th out of 136 countries in the hospitality industry. Nowadays hotels not only include international but also domestic categories by which they can serve the tourists of the local and other states in one go. The growth of hotels in India is propelled by the increase in tourism and the hotel industry is the one getting benefits from it.

Finding the right hotel means choosing accommodations that meet your specific needs and essentials. A hotel experience involves a range of factors, all of which needs to be considered by the hotels. You will find options like swimming pools and fitness centers at hotels across the country. The location also plays a big role in the experience, especially if you want to be close to certain attractions like the city center or the market. While setting up a hotel, these are the various factors that need to be considered for maximum customer footfall. People should also strike a balance between affordability and luxury and set realistic expectations for the price they are booking a hotel.

Some Unique Thing About Noida City

Hotels nowadays are not only the place of stay for tourists but they have become an important part of society by serving them on various occasions like vacations, weddings, parties, corporate parties, conferences, exhibitions, etc. Hotels have now upgraded from just “Stay” to various types of events with experiences of luxury. Noida is one of the examples where you can find such luxury hotels along with other entertainment facilities and nearby markets. To find the cheapest hotel room, you need to consider several factors that affect the price. The time of year you visit a hotel also plays a big role in the price, with low seasons tending to be cheaper overall. Lower-star hotels are also getting cheaper and one can easily find cheaper options in less popular neighborhoods, which is an easy way to save money since many of the cheaper neighborhoods in popular destinations are right next to hotspots. Noida is a planned city of Uttar Pradesh but it is called the satellite city of Delhi and one the cleanest cities in India. The city is a safe and good option for family weekends and getaways where one can enjoy leisure activities with loved ones. This is the hub of most of the corporate world now heading towards the hotel and housing industry too. The hotel industry in India is increasing on a massive scale and Noida is one of the major spots where the industry is blooming.

Noida has become one of the destinations for hotel chains looking for growth. The area of Noida and Greater Noida has become a “Cash Cow” for the new brands investing in the hospitality industry. There are various reasons for the growth of hotels in Noida and Greater Noida as it is a new trendy and modern place. The ultramodern city is proof of the country’s achievements in making the developmental sphere. As a region in NCR, it is the most under-supplied region as the initial growth mostly happened in New Delhi. Noida is not only about business opportunities but also about the fun side. This city is a combination of modern with familiar culture. Here you can enjoy the extreme and world-class shopping experience and can also relax in the pleasant parks at the same time. It is one of the prime locations for the Indian entertainment industry, news channels, and films. The city of Noida also offers some of the best schools and colleges in India. The modes of traveling here are also good due to the metro connectivity, airports, and broad roadways. It is the center of attraction with the Okhla sanctuary, film city, hyper malls, resorts, Noida’s botanical garden, Noida Cricket stadium, etc. it is also the hub of different multinational companies like T-series, renowned news channels, Samsung, HCL, and Paytm (the largest unicorn startup financial service).

Some Best Place Hotel to Stay in Noida

Staybia hotels are the Best Hotels in Noida for individuals, couples, and families with the best services, amazing hospitality, and mesmerizing interiors. It is in Sector 15. The hotel is built in the best location that is easy to reach with straight connectivity to the city. The hotel is near the Noida Sector 16 Metro Station (760 meters), Noida Sector 15 Metro Station (820 meters), and Ashok nagger Metro Station (1.3 km). Some of the famous tourist attractions near the hotel are Shri Kali Mata Mandir (50 meters), Shri Lal Mandir (550 meters), Shree Hanuman Mandir (600 meters), Shiv Temple (650 meters), Hanuman Temple (700 meters), Shri Sanatan Dharm Mandir (1km) and Decathlon Mall of India Noida (1.8 km). Among the budget hotels in Noida, Staybia is very much popular among tourists as it provides luxurious services at a much cheaper rate along with a smooth check-in/check-out process, flexible policies, and friendly management with great customer satisfaction. In this competitive market, we have highly qualified chefs, staff members, and managers which distinguish and made us the best of all and one of the best Five Star Hotels in Noida. With its quick service, polite staff, warm greetings and great ambiance Staybia has become one of the Best Family Hotels in Noida for various occasions like weddings, parties, and corporate events where people forget the hustle and bustle of their daily lives and indulge in the lap of luxury, making their gathering memorable. The architecture of the hotel will make you fall in love with it. The corporate world is also now heading towards the hotels for their meetings, conferences, and corporate parties on a small and large scale as the interiors are also suitable for their business gatherings which makes us the best Corporate Hotels in Noida. We provide world-class amenities with access to CCTV, Car parking, valet, free Wi-Fi, AC, TV, daily housekeeping, power backups, etc. You can find numerous hotels in Noida under different categories and Staybia is one the best hotel in its price range. Staybia is the Best Places to Stay in Noida as everyone needs a budget-friendly hotel with all the luxury, we are here to serve you with the best hotel experience and to make your stay memorable forever.

Staybia meaning-

Staybia meaning is Stay+Bia=(Stay+Comfort)

Staybia hotels is provide stay with best comfort and located in Noida,

It is a good value for money hotel with lots of facilities that will make one’s stay memorable and convenient.

Staybia hotels Branches -

1-Staybia hotels sector 15-located near sector 15 Noida metro station.

2-staybia hotels sector 15- located opposite priya gold building.

3-staybia hotels sector 50- located near city centre metro station


Free Wi-Fi in the entire room

Air cooling in all rooms

Parking space

Check in from 12 noon

Checkout 11 Am

Breakfast facilities

Room Service

24-hours Reception

Party hall

Laundry cleaning Service

For More information And best Booking Offer –

Mobile- 01204370570,9999641494

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